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At OJ Solicitors, we are here to represent mainly, but not exclusively, clients presenting personal injury claims, be them arising out of Road Traffic Accidents, workplace accidents, public liability cases, or other types of accidents where the client is not at fault. We are also dealing with family law matters arising out of divorce, as well as with commercial matters and matters of Criminal Law, in particular Road Traffic Offences.

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We can help you with legal assistance in the following areas:


2021/22 Prestige Awards Winner - Scotland Acquisiton International Prestige Awards 2021/22 Winner - Road Traffic Accident Lawyers of the Year 2021 - Scotland


Both Directors of the firm, Oana Petre and Ioan Oltean, are skilled solicitors with more than 20 years combined experience in UK.

Oana Petre

Oana Petre


Oana is a mature, experienced solicitor, holding law degrees in both Romania and Scotland, with over ten years of practice. A graduate of the University of Bucharest in Romania and the University of Glasgow, in Scotland, Oana completed her traineeship with a prestigious multinational law firm and then pursued a career with Scotland's largest Personal Injury firm in the Foreign and Travel Law Department, handling claims mainly, but not exclusively, for Romanian and Italian clients. Oana also has first-hand experience in defending Personal Injury Claims, having worked in the Insurance Department of a leading law firm in Edinburgh. Besides being the Director of OJ Solicitors, she is also managing the Scottish Branch of an UK law firm specialised in dealing with personal injury cases.
Oana has vast experience of appearing in Court hearings, both in local courts in Scotland, as well as in the ASPIC, having successfully conducted proofs and securing compensation for clients there as well as in local courts. She has also instructed Faculty Advocates for cases calling in the Court of Session, in high value cases. Oana speaks English, Romanian and Italian fluently.

Ioan Oltean

Ioan Oltean


Ioan is a dual-qualified legal professional, Scottish solicitor and Romanian in house lawyer who holds a Master's degree in European and International Law. His areas of practice include commercial and contract matters, criminal defence, and personal injury. Ioan is a member of the Law Society of Scotland and The Union of The Judicial Counsellors Colleges of Romania. His experience and current practice includes advising national and international businesses as well as individual clients across a wide range of industries and sectors, regularly acting in complex cross-border cases and always going the extra mile to ensure his clients' interests are best protected. Due to his dual qualification in both Romania and Scotland, as well as his professionalism, Ioan is held in high regard by his peers, who frequently rely on his advice. Ioan is fluent in both English and Romanian.


At OJ Solicitors we are ready to help you with a wide range of legal services. Our areas of expertise include:

Road Traffic Accidents

If you have been either the driver or passenger of a vehicle which has been involved in a road traffic accident and suffered a personal injury, you are entitled to claim compensation. You may have been the driver of a vehicle being hit by another car or vehicle when stationary or when travelling, may have been a passenger in a vehicle whose driver's negligence caused the accident or it may even be that the negligent driver has no insurance. We offer expert assistance with your claim for compensation arising from the Road Traffic Accident.

Accidents at Work

If you have suffered injury in the course of your work, your employer, or their insurers, may be liable for compensation. Employers are subject to common law and statutory obligations to, amongst many others, ensure a safe place of work for their employees. Health and Safety at work are essential aspects of your employment and the employers can be held accountable if they ignore or breach their Health and Safety obligations. At OJ Solicitors, we have the expertise to deal with your claim arising from a work place accident, and we will guide you all the way, whilst striving to obtain the highest level of compensation for you.

Accidents in a Public Place

We have the expertise to assist you with your claim arising from an accident you suffered in public spaces, for example whilst walking on the street. Your injury could have arisen from a slip, a trip or a fall in a public place. There are obligations on local authorities to maintain the roads and other public areas to a reasonable standard of safety, so that injuries to members of the public are avoided. When these obligations are breached, the public authority may have to compensate the injured person, and we are here to ensure that you are fully compensated for the injuries suffered.

Criminal Injuries Claims

Injuries caused as a result of a criminal act are dealt with by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA), a government organisation set up to compensate the victims of crimes of violence. The time limit for bringing a claim under CICA is two years (or two years from the date of turning 18, in the case of a child). The level of compensation is calculated on a tariff basis from a scheme setting out a list of injuries and the level of compensation they may attract. As a government scheme, the levels of compensation tend to be lower than those awarded by ensurance on a private basis.

Catastrophic Injuries and Fatal Claims

We have experience in dealing with serious injury claims, such as brain or spinal injuries, loss of limbs, loss of sight and fatal claims. If you or a member of your family have suffered a serious or catastrophic injury that was caused, entirely or in part, by the negligence or recklessness of someone else, then you could be entitled to claim compensation. Whilst we are working towards obtaining the best level of compensation you or your loved ones are due, we have a people-focused, compassionate approach when dealing with grief-stricken families.


We can assist you with any immigration matters, be them relating to permanent residence and citizenship applications, asylum seeking, or residence matters arising from and post-Brexit. We realise this can be a stressful process, and we offer a supportive, client focused service. We can accompany you at your Home Office appointments. We are aware a physical consultation is not always possible, therefore we offer Zoom, Skype or Facetime conferences.


We can assist you with a large range of matters arising from your employment. These can vary from Unfair dismissal, Discrimination, Settlement Agreements, as well as employment claims before Employment Tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunal. We want to ensure that you are clear from the start on the cost of our services to you. We can offer a fixed fee agreement for assessing your situation and offering advice tailored to your circumstances. The fixed fee is £300 plus VAT. This will allow us to discuss the circumstances, review relevant documentation and provide advice to help achieve a suitable outcome for you. We can help obtain insurance funding for you to pursue an Employment Tribunal claim at no cost to you.

Family Law

We understand that divorce and separation can be hugely stressful times in the life of any family. We provide a sensitive, client focused family law service and aim to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible. There is more to a divorce than litigation, and we are here to explain to you the many other options you have when going your separate ways, ranging from Mediation and Arbitration to Collaboration. We will help you through a difficult time and allow you to progress with your life.

Commercial Law

We are able to assist on a full range of commercial matters for growing businesses, including commercial lease, terms and conditions of business with clients or suppliers, drafting and negotiating of agency, distribution and franchising agreements, trademark searches and trademark registration. We can also help you with all aspects regarding intellectual property, including copyright, patent and intellectual property assignments, as well as drafting and advising in all commercial contracts.

Driving Offences

We can assist you when dealing with driving offences where you are at fault, starting from the police interview to court hearings and regulatory or disciplinary hearings. We are able to assist you in relation to any road traffic offence, including but not limited to speeding, careless or dangerous driving, driving without ensurance, drink driving or driving without a valid licence. While the jurisdictional differences between Scotland and England & Wales have little impact on the application of road traffic law across the United Kingdom and driving offences will be treated in much the same way in the Scottish courts as in the English or Welsh courts, occasionally there are differences in interpretation and there are also some laws which apply in England, but not Scotland. We understand the impact of the loss of a driving licence cannot be underestimated, nor can the ease in which someone can find themselves in such a situation.

Notarial Services

We can also help you with notarial services, such as certifying copies of a wide range of documents, preparing and countersigning affidavits, oaths, affirmations and declarations as well as notarising documents written in another language.

Monthly subscription services for your business
We also offer monthly subscription-based legal service packages specifically tailored for the needs of your small or medium business. You can check the details here.

"No win, no fee" for personal injury claims and work accidents
For personal injury claims and work accidents we have a "no win, no fee" policy, which means that if you do not win your case you won't have to pay us any fees.


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